Get Your FREE Graduation DVD

Do you want to have your graduation

filmed and edited by a professional

and receive fully edited DVD for FREE?

If so all you have to do is

1. Just simply fill out this contact form.

2. Obtain permission from your child’s school to allow us to film your graduation.

3. Allow us offer graduation DVDs to other parents at the graduation for purchase.

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We value your information and promise not to sale it or spam you. Please view our privacy policy and terms for filming.

Our graduation DVDs comes with some great features.

• We will film the entire commencement ceremony and we also film portions of the post graduation reception.

• During the post graduation reception we film graduates with their parents for a congratulatory comment as well as filming the graduates saying good-bye to classmates and teachers. 

• We professionally edit the ceremony and the reception footage to your DVD.

• Plus we design custom DVD cases and labels for your graduation DVD.