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Client Testimony

Checkout what some of our clients are saying about All-Star Films!

Dean M.

Walnut Creek, CA.

"Andre is top notch! He is always on time and professional. He has done wonders with our son in football with high quality video. He is worth every penny!"

Talya H.

San Francisco, CA.

"When I think of All Star Films, I think of life saver!!!! I can't thank Andre and his crew enough for the support they have given my family over the past few years.

I called Andre late one evening after speaking with a recruiting Coach. I was in

dire need of recent highlight footage. I'm talking a twenty four hour turn around. Andre was like a super-hero. He committed to getting it done, and he definitely

put in the time to meet my emergency deadline. The file was great. So great,

it has open doors for other schools as potential recruits"

Alfonson J.

Daly City, CA.

"All Star Films has been doing all of my tournaments and has helped to get a great package of memories, game film and college packs for recruitment. Make no mistake, Andre WILL take care of you. On time, professional and courteous. All sports included!

I have given his card to numerous people during the last 6 years and he has come through to ALL of them. No complaints. You want the best, then contact All-Star Films, you want mediocre and fake promises,go somewhere else."

Jill O.

Walnut Creek, CA.

"Finding Andre and All-Star Films was a blessing. Our son Noah had the skills to play D-1 Football but he goes to a school that is not known for football and he wasn't getting the recruiting attention he deserved. We hired All-Star Films to film our football games and to make a highlight reel for our son. I also had them create a website for Noah and Andre did a great job posting new content and making the site a great showcase for Noah. It was a small investment for us that paid off in a huge way with Noah accepting a full ride scholarship to Washington State University to compete in the Pac 12. Thank you All-Star Films.

This would not of happened without you."

Scott H.

San Jose, CA.

"Well the DVD's are a hit. He is getting more than he expected in responses and now schools are actually contacting him wanting film. Unbelievable!"

Erika M.

Daly, CA.

"All -Star Films has been amazing throughout my son's high school and college career. Andre at All-Star Films recorded all my son's high school games and was able to produce a great highlight film that proved to be useful during my son's college football recruiting phase.  Andre is extremely professional, very easy to work with and gets the job done in a timely manner.  

I highly recommend All-Star Films.  I myself have gone back to him to update my son's highlight film and the service once again was top notch.

Thanks Andre, for everything!"

Tino M.

San Francisco, CA.

""All-star films has been a great asset to me and my family since my son Valentino Miles Jr. has played football All-Star Films has done everything for him if you have a kid and need exposure I highly recommend his services.

My son is at Pace University a Division 2 team with a two year scholarship and he is the starting RB”

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