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Game Videos

Game Videos

Sports videotaping service for San Francisco & Bay Area

Sports videotaping service for San Francisco & Bay Area

Consistently having high-quality game video is essential for every team that wants to be competitive. We provide teams with professional reliable filming of sports, creating high quality game videos that help teams improved performance and win more games. Have us film your next game or season and we’ll upload your game videos to Hudl or any other Internet site for you.

We film using the

Hi-Pod Camera System

Our state of the art camera system allows us to film from an
elevated position of 21 feet
in the air when there are
no bleachers or stands
to film from.

Club Soccer Game Video

Filmed with our Hi-Pod camera system

Soccer, lacrosse and rugby are typically played on fields without bleachers.

This makes filming these games a challenge unless you got the right equipment. Our Hi-Pod is the right equipment to take your videos

from ineffective to highly productive

High School Lacrosse Game Video

High School Basketball Game Video

High School Football Game Video

Filmed from Side-Line and End-zone

College Rugby Game Video

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